Yoast Google Analytics plugin introduces stats dashboards, with lessons learned along the way

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

6 thoughts on “Yoast Google Analytics plugin introduces stats dashboards, with lessons learned along the way”

  1. We ran into bumps in the road with NextGEN Gallery 2.0, so I feel Joost’s pain over the authentication issue. The key is getting beyond it as fast as you can, with quality behind it. A lot of users, including myself, were having the GA issue. So It was nice to see a speedy fix on it. Also great to see Joost’s company grow!

  2. I switched to Simple Analytics. Yoast Plugin just isn’t the plugin for me right now. All I need is the tracking code, no more, no less.

    And I got tired of the bugs updates after updates but I can certainly understand that with huge plugins like this. It’s a great product and I might switch back some day.

  3. Nice to finally get an explanation from Yoast about what was going wrong with authentication. Sorry it wasn’t from Yoast to me as a customer.

    They seemed to be in denial at the time despite the wide range of comments on their blog.

    But it opened my eyes to long-standing issues that apparently exist with Yoast and premature plugin releases.

    Disappointing. I was a brand advocate until this point. I’m still using the SEO plugins but the analytics plugin doesn’t add enough value to put up with Yoast’s issues.

    • Yep, pretty much.

      I switched from Google Analyticator to Yoast’s plugin, but am considering switching back because of the A/B testing features in their plugin. Last time I checked, Google Analyticator’s code quality wasn’t that good though.

      I wonder when Yoast will update the premium version of the plugin…

  4. I use Yoast’s plugin and am glad to see they are improving it. Too many site owners pay no attention to their site’s performance and this type of plugin will put that data front and center. We’ve been working on a similar stats dashboard and would love your feedback: http://skystats.com

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