Knowing me, knowing you

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Written By Marieke van de Rakt

4 thoughts on “Knowing me, knowing you”

  1. I absolutely agree on every single point here. Have talked about it myself many times. And you are right, although not specifically said, we need to do more than the PacMan approach that so many share, although that is a great piece to start recognizing everyone. We need to put in more conscious efforts, and as you said, celebrate and party.

    Thanks Marieke, let’s elevate those voices and make them feel welcomed.

  2. Mmm some people would even be more into their shell at parties. No, we should be more open structurally during the event.
    Reading your mail made me remind of my conference experience on Conversion Hotel. That conference has an interesting aspect: everybody is a presenter and attendee. Meaning: they have lot’s of break-out sessions about a broad topic. Could be WordPress for beginners, Business approcach for 1 person companies, etc. It doesn’t mind how many people are in that room; 5 is good. But every break-out session starts with presenting themselves in a few minutes. And so you get new connections and knowledge sharing. Someone brand new in the community is launched in a rather spontanious way into the community. Same goes for meetups: just start the meetup by letting the attendees present themselves in 1 or 2 minutes. In that way: the newby knows who’s on the same level/page on him/her.

  3. At this point in humanity’s progress, there’s zero reasons why we can’t party safely and responsibly. So let’s try to be better, for everyone’s sake 💖

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