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Business Roundup Week Ending July 12

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Nathan Ingram
10 Billion Reasons to Strengthen Your Agency's Security Practices On July 4, a file containing almost 10 billion stolen passwords was leaked on a popular hacking forum. Called RockYou2024.txt, the file includes credentials from old and new data breaches of…
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How to become a founder

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Joost de Valk
I became a founder when I started Yoast. However, I did not feel like a founder until I left Yoast. If you work in the company you founded, then your job is the role you have. I was CEO and,…

The startup trick doesn’t exist

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Marieke van de Rakt
It only happens once in a blue moon: You’ll tweak one single thing in your messaging, your check-out, or your email list and that change is the trick. It changes everything, skyrocketing your sales indefinitely.  A lot of startups spend…

Why raise capital?

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Marieke van de Rakt
In her weekly column, the first of 2024, Marieke speaks about getting investment, or not! Selling part of your company to investors can spur rapid growth, but it means losing some ownership. If you take investment, choose investors who offer more than money, like valuable advice and market expertise!
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