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WordPress Biz Roundup for the Week of September 26, 2022

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Dan Knauss
WordPress Business News and Insights 2022 Web Almanac CMS Report According to the CMS chapter of the just-released 2022 Web Almanac from the HTTP Archive, sites using a CMS — and WordPress — are still steadily increasing globally, and 34%…
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DEI = Salary Transparency

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Dan Knauss
BusinessCareers @Stratacomm again: Biggest applause line of @camikaos DEIB talk: “In order to have equity, we have to have salary transparency.” #WCUS @Piccia digs deep into that very subject this week at Post Status.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at WordCamps

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Dan Knauss
Will DEI become a formal role for WordCamp organizers? We can do it! Here's @Stratacomm: Thank you for bringing this message to WordCamp, @camikaos: “If you’re not being intentionally inclusive, you are being unintentionally exclusive. … DEI work is *your*…
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