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To Heck with Black Friday, I’m Raising My Prices! — Post Status Draft 127

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Dan Knauss
This week in Post Status Slack, Lesley Sim, the founder of Newsletter Glue, dropped this announcement: "While everybody is offering discounts for Black Friday, we’re planning to significantly raise prices. We’ll be narrowing our target audience and focusing mainly on medium-large publishers and online businesses; working with them more closely and providing a high level of customization and support." What motivated Lesley's decision? Where does she expect it to take her company? How can plugin owners find enterprise agency partners? Listen to this episode of Post Status Draft and find out.
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Over, Under, Around, and Through

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Dan Knauss
This week Alex Denning (Ellipsis) draws on Iain Poulson's historical, high-level plugin data at WP Trends to offer some thoughtful, somewhat contrary, but practical and grounded perspectives on the value of Active Install Data. At the WP Watercooler and elsewhere, a realization seems to be setting in that the data is not open source and not the property of the WordPress community. Like last week's episode of Post Status Draft with Katie Keith of Barn2 Plugins, Till Krüss (Object Cache Pro, Relay) offers a lot of lessons this week about less travelled paths to success in the plugin business even as a very small company or company of one. Performance, testing, and support are key, interrelated parts of Till's success and probably the most important ones to borrow in your own life and work if they resonate.

Why the WordPress.org growth charts might not matter

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Dan Knauss
In 2019-20, only four plugins entered the space and broke into the upper tiers. These were Site Kit for Google, Facebook for WooCommerce, Creative Mail for WordPress and WooCommerce, and Google Ads and Marketing by Kliken. Has the WordPress.org repository become a closed shop, a tapped-out ecosystem where the winners have taken all? Here are some suggestions about how to break in or changes that could be proposed to open and diversify the repository. Until that happens, do growth charts matter?

Post Status Notes #489

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David Bisset
An App Store for WordPress.com? Performance Team Gathers Steam. WP Notify. FSE Beta. Block is Beautiful. Security, Plugin, Dev, Acquisitions.

Redis object cache for WordPress

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Brian Krogsgard
WordPress has long had a Memcached backend available for object caching. Over the past several weeks, Eric Mann and Erick Hitter have built out a Redis-based alternative for object caching. Updated Source: https://ethitter.com/2014/04/redis-object-cache-plugin-available-for-download/
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