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Front-End Performance in WordPress

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Olivia Bisset
Want WordPress to run faster? In this webinar, you will learn how to think about front-end performance, as well as the tools and tactics to improve your visitor’s experiences.

The Open Web Manifesto

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Jonathan Wold
Accessibility, Creatibility, and Connectibility — these are the three things that define the Open Web in its ideal state. It can be accessed by everyone, anyone can freely create on it, and the communities that form there can sustain themselves and grow. WordPress is critical to the Open Web as an indicator of its health, an ecosystem for business growth, and a path for people to contribute to the health, growth, and future of the Open Web. We want to guide, connect, and elevate our members — WordPress businesses and professionals — as they grow. And we want to make sure we share, nurture, and replenish the common resource we have in the Open Web.

🎙️ I’ve been out of town…

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Dan Knauss
🎙️ I've been out of town recently, so I haven't had the chance to listen to many podcasts. There have been a few standouts, however, that I've got queued up to listen to next: If you're looking for a great…

A Day of REST — a conference devoted to the WordPress REST API

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Brian Krogsgard
A Day of REST is an event devoted to the WordPress REST API. It'll happen on January 28th 2016, with a follow-on hack day on the 29th, in London. It's an exciting opportunity for developers to learn how to interact with the new WordPress REST API, and Post Status will be an official partner.
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