Who’s hiring in WordPress? (Summer edition)

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  1. Available for contract work doing WordPress consulting, WordPress training, site architecture, website copywriting, theme development and customization, custom plugin development (well, my chief developer does that), SEO, conversion from other platforms to WordPress.

    I’ve been too busy lately to update my portfolio (or the theme on my website), but it’s at http://wpfangirl.com/portfolio. Most complex recent project: http://oakleychamber.com. Also, I’m organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup, so you can find some of my presentation slides at http://eastbaywp.com.

    Based in Northern California. Client location immaterial if you have access to Skype and/or Google Hangouts.

    Base rate is USD $125/hr, $100/hr for non-profits. We usually work out a flat fee for projects.

    We’re pretty busy, but always interested in fun and challenging projects, so feel free to call me at (510) 969-9947 and ask.

  2. At Automattic (makers of WordPress.com), we’re hiring even more full-time positions than ever, in development, design, support, operations, even finance.

    We also are a distributed company which means workers from any location are encouraged to apply. Positions are starting now, and most require a paid trial project/period prior to an offer.

    The full list of open positions and how to apply is at:

  3. I need a motivated developer to help support Paid Memberships Pro, work on installations, and develop new functionality.

    Work would start part-time, 10-20 hours per week, $25-50/hour based on experience, with the intention of ramping up to full time work as soon as possible.

    I’m looking for someone who loves to program, dreams about PHP, and programs spare time tracking applications in their spare time. Candidates should be comfortable using WordPress hooks and filters and programming PHP/HTML/CSS/JS.

    I’m looking for someone I can mentor and apprentice into a highly paid WordPress super star.

    More information:

    Email me at [email protected]

  4. Hiring or hireable: Hireable

    Full time or contract: Contract work

    Genre of WordPress related work: WordPress theme development, WordPress Plugin development. HTML, CSS, Webdesign WordPress Theme

    Remote or on location: Remote

    Link to resume, portfolio or job description: http://www.webmediahelden.nl

    Preferred start date: november 2013

    Estimated budget / salary range: Solid price a project.

    Means for contacting you: I would love if someone who’s needing an WordPress developer/design. I love to build for all kind of clients!

  5. Hireable and available now, looking for remote development contract/overflow/full time work or on location if you are in Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

    Genre of WordPress would be theme development and customisation. Comfortable developing with _s, Genesis, Thesis (<v2.0), Child Themes, Bootstrap/responsive.

    Devfolio – http://www.bradley-davis.com/devfolio/

    If you want to chat, fill in the contact form on my site with details and I'll get back to you.

    LinkedIn profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/bradleyjdavis

  6. This is my second time posting in the “Who’s hiring” post. The first one has lead to an awesome new client, but I’m still looking for more work!

    1. I’m hireable!

    2. Contract work, maybe full-time for the right opportunity. (Related: If you are an agency based in the Netherlands and are looking for a developer to join your team, I might be the one! I’m not Dutch and don’t speak the language [yet!] though.)

    3. I’m a front-end and WordPress developer working with other freelancers and agencies and helping them make their clients happy. I have over 7 years of experience in working with WordPress – I created themes for sale, WordPress-based websites for everyone from small businesses to large corporations, plugins based on projects requirements etc.

    4. I’m in Europe, but the majority of my clients are from the US so I’ve been adjusting my hours accordingly for the past few years.

    5. Portfolio site http://gentlecode.net/portfolio – please keep in mind the site is currently outdated and not including latests projects. For the past two years I’ve worked with agencies on several projects for businesses, education sites and NGOs/non-profits (under NDA).

    6. I’m available pretty much immediately (minus two weeks mid-August when I have vacations planned)

    7. I charge $40/hour for smaller sites. For large projects spanning severals months, I’m open for negotiations.

    8. You can email me: justine at gentlecode.net

  7. My name is John Locke, I’m a front end developer and WordPress theme designer from Northern California. I’ve done work remotely for larger agencies, as well as for local clients.

    I specialize in building responsive sites and converting fixed width sites to be responsive. HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery are my tos of choice. I can usually figure out how to find solutions in PHP, but I’m not what you would call a rock star on the back end.

    I’m available for contract or full-time work (if it’s a good fit for both).
    My rate is $30 an hour, but I can work for a flat fee, as long as I know what the scope of the project is.

    My portfolio : http://www.lockedowndesign.com/portfolio

    You can contact me at
    [email protected].

    Be well, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hi, I have experience in templatic as a technical support executive. I can customize ur site as per your need.

  9. After finding the amazing Paul de Wouters via the last “who’s hiring” post here I thought I try again. This time we’re looking for a kick-ass lead developer to take up the reigns at Rufflr.com, a WordPress powered web site/app which we’ve had a hand in.

    Full time
    Lead WordPress Developer
    On location in London
    Start straight away
    £50K + meaningful equity

  10. In case someone doesn’t already know, 10up is always hiring talented WordPress developers as well as project / account managers and designers. We prefer full time but will consider contractors.

    Contact us via 10up.com/contact

  11. I’m available for contract work and quote on a per-project basis. I design and develop websites and offer redesigns, scratch custom sites, and site optimization and maintenance. I love working in WordPress, although I’ve published a book on using the Bootstrap framework and build plenty of static sites as well. What sets me apart is that I have an MBA with a concentration in marketing strategy along with considerable experience in starting and growing businesses, helping people find high-return opportunities, and I’ve even taught marketing management. As if that trifecta weren’t enough, I also have an English degree and can craft marketing copy with laser-precision and highly effective subtleties that convert. I have a lot of cross-functional team and project management experience as well. I’m based in Louisville, KY. If interested, please contact me at musgrove (at)webdesignpop (dot) com or (502) 264-2353 (mobile). Thanks!

  12. I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer. I work primarily with WordPress based projects and I am always looking to take on new and exciting projects. Get in touch for a quote and let’s build your product or website together.

  13. I’m a WordPress blogger available for hire on an ongoing or one off basis.

    If your site needs articles written about WordPress or related topics then drop me a line (click on my name for contact details).


  14. WordPress Designer/Wordpress Dev/Print Designer

    Looking for a company that is excited about technology and wants to use it to grow their business and wants someone who has the same excitement and energy.

    Looking for a company that has a need for web designer/developer or a graphic designer with experience designing printed material for the following… part time, remote work, on site work* with varies hrs , contract work, work based on a retainer fees.

    *Local to Knoxville, Tn

  15. Hireable, contract based or retainer.

    I’m a backend WordPress engineer with background in Java (SCJP) and Python. I am available for various projects for plugin development, architecture of large projects or frameworks, code review, database optimization, plugin bridges. Active in the WordPress community, contributing to several Open Source projects.

    You could check my website for description, background and profiles to WordPress.org or GitHub.

    I charge $65/h and I’m open to different agreements on the price when a high-end large project is involved or the end product is released under GPL to the public.

    You could reach out to me through the site or at: mario peshev |dot| net.

  16. Hi, I am available for wordpress theme development, ecommerce development, theme customization, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.
    My hourly rate is $20/hr.
    Visit my website for more information

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