Automattic has purchased a majority stake in Pressable

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Automattic has purchased a majority stake in Pressable”

  1. We were at Pressable before moving to our current host (Dreampress) in 2014. They were a good managed WordPress host for the most part but it was time for us to go after they kept having server & database outages every other day.

    It’s sad to see that things have gotten worse for them since we left as we had seen potential in them. Hopefully, they’ll get back to where they were in the future.

  2. Good clear summary, thanks Brian.
    @Ben aw that seems a bit extreme. I’d say it’s perfectly legit for Automattic to protect their investment. They’ll be hoping to pull Pressable off the rocks, then recoup some costs by selling it off. And I don’t see anything wrong with Automattic investing/exploring the managed WordPress hosting space, especially in it’s earlier days.

  3. I see them improving Pressable from the ground up and maybe even changing the hosting packages available along with a fresh design in the future. When they get Pressable making a constant profit each month and it continues to rise, It would be wise to put the business in the hands of someone who has extensive knowledge about the web hosting business.

    The main thing is training all there existing support staff so they are real experts and who ever manages all the servers better get some training and look at getting the latest and greatest hardware.

    Of course still keep some shares in the company. 🙂

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