Pagely has new plans, a new dashboard, and a new Amazon Web Services infrastructure

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

5 thoughts on “Pagely has new plans, a new dashboard, and a new Amazon Web Services infrastructure”

  1. Good post Brian. It’s good to see Pagely growing up. AWS is a great move for them, as is SSH and “one click staging”, although I dislike having staging and production on the same environment. SSL is imperative anymore (obviously alongside a dedicated IP). With built-in Git I’m assuming you can have the site update via a git-push? That’s good for staging environments but I’ll stick with cap deploy on production. With SSH I’m wondering if capistrano is an option they’d consider. Also if at some point having HHVM images as an option? That’d be cool to see a managed host doing that.
    Anyways… good to see Pagely setting a tone.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful write up Brian.

      Chuck, With the VPS plans we are taking a structured yet adaptive approach to deployment. We standardize a few things but really want to “not get in the way” of a customer’s existing deployment process. To your other point, customers may utilize 2 unique VPS nodes, 1 for staging and 1 for production. Runs up the price, but we’ll support it.

      On the podcast the other day I flatly denied we had anything in the works around HHVM, if you ever played me in poker you may have spotted my tell.

  2. I was very much against Pagely moving off of Firehost ( my preferred non-WordPress hosting company) and on to AWS. However, my tone has changed since I have seen what they have accomplished.

    Frankly Pagely now has the best of both worlds I believe that the FireHost WAF plays a huge role in keeping everyone safe on Pagely as well as AWS giving them the versatility needed to make the leap to using Nginx and if Pagely does not move to HHVM we all know others will I believe Josh is very smart and has a real gem of a company.

    I am looking at moving a lot of sites to their dual VPS plan when you think about it it makes a lot of sense. The DNS alone for a plan like that is absolutely staggering cost wise. I like what Pagely has been doing.

    I have always had one site or more at Pagely in fact I move my personal site on to their second-tier plan just the other day. I have had nothing but wonderful things to report.

    All the best,

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