PushUp offers push notification integration for WordPress and Mac OS X

pushupPushUp is a new product from 10up that offers push notification integration between WordPress and Mac OS X Mavericks.

Currently, only Safari is supported and users must opt-in by viewing a website in Safari, where they are greeted by a popup that prompts them to enable push notifications from a specific website:


If a site visitor allows the push notifications, then the website publisher can optionally choose to enable notifications on a per-post basis, via a checkbox in the Publish box.

They've published a video to more fully portray how PushUp works:

Only Safari support for now

10up has been beta testing the product on large production sites such as 9to5Mac and Edelman since January. They plan to add support for Chrome and Firefox as soon as the browsers catch up to Safari's implementation of push notifications.

Once a user opts-in via Safari, notifications work whether the browser is open or not. I don't personally remember the last time I opened Safari, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so while offline notifications is awesome, I'll be even more interested in this product once they are able to support Chrome and Firefox.

Pricing for PushUp

10up is pricing PushUp on a usage scale. It's free for small sites that push less than 100 notifications per month, and goes up to $99 for 1,000,000 notifications per month. It's ten cents per 5,000 notifications beyond the first million.

There is also a setup fee of $14.99 to get started with PushUp, but 10up's launch post has a discount for knocking that down to 99 cents.

10up's first product

PushUp is 10up's first product. It's significant because 10up is a major player in the WordPress service industry, with over 60 employees. They are well-staffed to further push (see what I did there?) into the product industry.

And if this is an indication as to the type of product they intend to build, we can expect more offerings in the future that benefit both their clients and potential product buyers.

I look forward to learning more about how PushUp does on a broad scale, and hope 10up shares what they learn from this foray into the WordPress product business.