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WooCommerce 6.7, Release Cadence update, “If you could change one thing in Woo,” and Marius Vetrici is WooDev of the Week

This week WooCommerce 6.7 was released along with WooCommerce Blocks 7.8.3. Our good friend Rodolfo Melogli polled the Woo community for his 400th issue of WooWeekly: If you could change one thing in WooCommerce, what would it be?” Multidots shares a fascinating case study they have on both migration and multisite for And Marius Vetrici is the WooDev profile of the week. He’s been writing code since 1994 and has 10+ programming languages under his belt and 20+ years of experience. Despite (or because of?) that, he’s interested in low-code tools and refuses to buy shoes online. You’ve just got to try them on to get the perfect fit and feel of the shoe on the foot.

WooCommerce Blocks 8.1, Joost on Shopify’s Decline, Insights from Beka Rice and Birgit Pauli-Haack

New enhancements to WooCommerce Blocks 8.1. • Joost’s report on CMS Market Share shows Woo growing — but Shopify has hit a wall. • Two “Voices of Experience,” Beka Rice and Birgit Pauli-Haack share long-term takes on WooCommerce, WordPress, and Gutenberg.

WooCommerce Update: Blocks 8.0, Checkout Block Payment Method Guide and Dummy Gateway, Licensing Solutions, Future of Payments, and Carl meets Bōggie

It’s WooCommerce Blocks 8.0, and Woo 6.7’s final release is close. • A new guide with a tool to help you integrate payment methods with the Checkout Block. • What’s your preferred software licensing solution? • The Future of Payments, with David Mainayar and Robert Windisch. • When Carl met Bōggie.

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